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Upcoming Event: Brews & (Real Estate) Views

Upcoming Event: Brews & (Real Estate) Views

June 07, 2019

Hey everybody,

So I wanted to talk about the upcoming educational event I'm putting on soon. I'm calling it "Brews & (Real Estate) Views" and it's happening Monday, June 17th at 5 pm at Byway Brewing Co. in Hammond. 

I've been mainly talking to realtors, mortgage loan officers, and those kinds of folks about it, but really it's open to anybody. Especially those interested in investing in real estate and seeing what kind of other opportunities may be available to them.

When it comes to investing, most folks in the real estate arena stay right in their pre-existing wheelhouse. You buy land. You buy rentals. Some do flips. And that's all totally cool. Have you ever wondered though if there are other ways to invest in real estate so that you can diversify your portfolio, yet still stay in an arena that you're comfortable with? There ARE, and I want to teach you about some of them!

Most folks don't think of calling their financial advisor when they're interested in learning about additional real estate investment options. I think that's a mistake and I want to explain why.

Come have a beer and some appetizers with me on June 17th at Byway Brewing in Hammond and learn more about it. It's going to be a casual (read: not "salesy") educational event. Byway is also being kind enough to give us a tour of their brewery!

Please RSVP to me via email (, phone (219-627-1094) or respond to the event listing on our Events tab at the top of this page ASAP. Since the event is complimentary, space is very limited. Hope to see you on the 17th!